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Premium Back Brace Support Belt

Premium Back Brace Support Belt

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  • RELIEVE LOWER BACK PAIN: Put lower back pain to rest. AidBrace’s Brace Belt provides maximum support to the lower back, hip and abdomen - quickly and easily relieving lower back pain.
  • STAND TALL WITH PRIDE: AidBrace’s Back Brace Support Belt corrects posture and improves body language, leading to more confidence and increased attractiveness. Say goodbye to hunched shoulders, bent backs and computer posture.
  • NO MORE BACK INJURIES: AidBrace’s unique removable cushioned lumbar pad provides additional protection for the lower back, reducing injuries while working or lifting heavy objects.
  • 24/7 COMFORT: Unique curved side design decreases pressure in the abdominal areas, contributing to ultimate comfort and additional support around the clock.
  • INDUSTRIAL DURABILITY: Made with premium materials, the AidBrace is carefully designed to provide years of much needed support.


Hey You,

What if you could finally put an end to your lower back pain?

And you never had to stress about hurting your back every time you lifted heavy objects?

And you could engage in a great deal of physical activities without worry?

Would that dramatically increase the quality of your life? And put you back on track to living the healthy, productive, and active life you so rightfully deserve?

You bet it would!

But a life without lower back pain sounds like just a dream.

Doesn’t it?

We get it.

Whether you’re suffering from occasional lower back pain or chronic pain – it seems like it’ll never go away. No matter what you try – right?

Be that as it may, we’re here to tell you it’s not just a dream.

A life without back pain could be yours.

It’s possible…

… even if you’ve tried just about everything out there with little to no results (and you’re about ready to accept your fate), you can still put an end to your back pain with AidBrace’s Back Brace Support Belt. Fast.

Because living with back pain is well, painful. And it shouldn’t keep you from living the high quality life you deserve.

So let’s put an end to it.

 Here’s how AidBrace’s Back Brace Support Belt will relieve YOUR pain (and give you back the life you enjoyed BEFORE piercing back pain took over):

  • Our unique removable cushioned lumbar pad provides ultimate support to your lower back, abdomen and hip area – leading to quick and effortless relief of lower back pain
  • Our breathable vented mesh backing and double side straps allow for tighter tension adjustment – maximizing your comfort and easily conforming to your daily activities.
  • Our curved side design ensures for the best comfort and less pressure in the abdominal areas
  • Our industrial durability is made with premium materials, giving you the gift of years of support

 Bottom line?

 Our AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt is good for you. Bad for your back pain. Plus, it’s super comfortable so you can wear it around the clock… without issue.


 Which size is the best for you?

Well, you’ll only know by measuring yourself (I know. I know. We hate measuring ourselves too, but this will ensure you receive a back brace support belt that actually fits! After all, we can’t relieve your back pain if we don’t get your size right).

 Here’s a quick and easy sizing guide:

Sizes & Lengths:

The width of the belt measures 8.7” or 22 cm for all sizes. 

We suggest to measurement at the belly button for accurate sizing

S/M: (belly: 26 - 36") 
L/XL: (belly: 37 - 47") 
2XL/3XL: (belly: 48 - 58")

Helpful tip #1: we suggest starting your measurement at the belly button)

Helpful Tip #2: Our belts must be stretched when putting them on. If you don’t stretch the belt while wrapping it around yourself, it’ll be too small and will not provide maximum support.

Got it?


Well, that’s it from us.

Now we turn it over to you.

The next time you feel piercing pain shoot through your back, remind yourself it’s just a matter of time before it’s relieved (we’ll rush ship your belt to you ASAP...because each day spent with back pain…is a day you can’t live up to your utmost potential).

Go add the AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt to your cart now. And get ready to relieve lower back pain… so you can finally get back to living without limits!