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7 Steps to Relieve Lower Back Pain at Home

 back pain relief for women

You’re stuck at home and then you feel the familiar pounding in your back. The pain has returned and you need a solution NOW.

Whether it’s for financial reasons or you simply have no way to make it to your doctor’s offices immediately, many people want to fix back pain at home. Or perhaps, after an operation, you simply want back pain treatment that will speed up the recovery process.

Can you relate to one of these scenarios? Then this article is for you. 

How Can I Get Rid of Back Pain at Home?

Good news is, there’s a lot that you can do. From back braces for lower back pain men and women can try, to back pain relief cream, there are effective solutions these days. You don’t have to feel powerless the next time the pain starts up. 

Our advice: Be pro-active. Ideally your whole lifestyle should assist in combating that pain. 

We made it easy for you. Below you’ll find a 7 step plan made up of home remedies for back pain relief. The power is in your hands.

7 Steps to Relieve Lower Back Pain at Home

The key to finding lower back pain relief is understanding how many factors affect the condition of your back. You don’t need a serious injury to require a back brace for men or other pain relief products. It could be as simple as sleeping in the wrong position at night and requiring a remedy in the morning. 

Because the solution is actually easy, it’s worth going through a few pain relief exercises and tests to determine the source of your problem. Let’s guide you through the process.
resting to relieve back pain 

Stop What You’re Doing

The first thing you can do is assess your lifestyle and determine if there’s anything you should stop doing. When you stop actions that may cause harm to muscles, tendons or your spine, you’ll get up one day and realize the natural home remedy for pain relief was simply respect for your body and its limitations. 

Are you expecting too much of you body in one of the following ways?

  • Sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t provide support
  • Picking up heavy items on a daily basis without a strong core and without using a back brace for women or men
  • Sitting hunched over at your desk every day, pulling your spine, shoulders and hips out of alignment
  • Walking on high heel shoes or shoes that are too flat, affecting body alignment
  • Not sleeping enough, which means your body doesn’t have time to repair itself at night 

You can visit a chiropractor, doctor or physiotherapist to obtain instant back pain relief tips, but often a little common sense will solve the problem too.


Get Your Diet Right

You probably didn’t see this one coming but what you put in your body can have a huge effect on your back, not simply your general health. 

If you have an injury, your body is working hard to fight inflammation. You can help the process along by ensuring your body has what it needs:

  • Vitamins improve your immune system
  • Fish oils enhance joint mobility
  • Cut down on fats and carbohydrates so you lose excess weight; This leads to less strain on your back so it heals faster 

A wise add on is ensuring you digest enough fiber; This helps your body absorb all the nutrients you’ll include in your diet from now on.

massage for back pain relief 

Take a Close Look at Your Entire Body

The next part you need to audit is determining other problem areas, apart from your back. Your back doesn’t operate in isolation—it’s connected to your limbs, your neck and more. When there’s a problem in one of these areas, the pain often surfaces in the back, rather than in the original area where the issue originated. 

Common challenges include:

  • Hamstring that are too stiff or have shortened over time because people sit at desks and work all day.
  • Tension in shoulders and necks because of stress.
  • Pain during pregnancy, which will eventually recede after the birth. 

How to Loosen Muscles

Luckily you don’t need an expensive gym membership to find comfort. Stretching your hamstrings or relieving tension in your neck can be the back pain instant relief exercise you’ve been looking for all along. 

You can also try these remedies that you can do at home or with a professional:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Pilates 

You can see that all aspects of your body work together and affects your health. The source of your problem could be entirely different than you think. If you want to cure back pain fast at home you must be willing to assess all parts of your life and make the necessary changes.


Use the Right Medication

Instant back pain relief medicine can be the solution in the heat of the moment, but also make sure it’s the best long term solution that’s easy to manage. You don’t want to fall into the trap of getting addicted to medicine; But it’s worth considering if the pain is really bad. 

Your body may need a boost to help fight inflammation or deal with the damage. Luckily you live in a society where medical advances bring you a range of options:

  • Medication: Look for products that contain ibuprofen or acetaminophen. You can also try muscle relaxants such as metaxalone.
  • Creams: Help your body from the outside in by rubbing in creams that contain ibuprofen, diclofenac or ketoprofen. Today’s market also offers patches and gels, so you can pick what feels more comfortable to you or what’s most practical for using under your clothes without ruining a shirt with the odor.
  • Anti depressants: This may seem a surprising option. How can your mental state cure back pain fast at home? Remember the facts mentioned above—everything in your body affects each other. Depression causes stress and tension which can lead to your muscles contracting. Helping yourself cope with the psychological rigors of your life can help you solve your back pain problems. Having anti depressants on hand by getting a doctor’s prescription can help you manage it at home instead of making countless appointments with the chiropractor. 

You can acquire many of these products without a prescription so it’s possible to always be prepared and have treatment for lower back pain on hand.

natural pain killers and inflammation reducing food 

Try the Natural Way

While the pharmaceutical companies can easily help you out, you may want to stick to a natural way to relieve back pain. These often carry less chance of leading to addiction or having side effects. It may also be just the thing to try if you forgot to stock up on pain relief products from the pharmacy.

What Helps Chronic Back Pain Naturally?

Health shops will carry these natural pain relief products, but you can also try and create your own. Ingredients that have put the smile back on many back pain sufferers include:

  • Brazilian arnica which is found in gels and creams
  • Cayenne which you can add to a cream, or digest it as it has anti inflammatory properties.
  • Comfrey in ointments
  • Hemp based products that contain anti-oxidants and can act as anti-inflammatory
  • Cloves or turmeric which are easy to add to food 

As with any product it’s vital you test it first before using it on a large back area. Even natural pain product relief products can cause allergic reactions, so use a small amount on the first day and see how your body reacts.


DIY Therapies

The methods above (pharmaceutical and natural remedies for back pain and inflammation) will work even better if you pair it with DIY therapies you can do in almost any scenario. The beneficial agent is often temperature: Both cold and hot temperatures can do wonders for your back. 

Increase the body’s temperature in a certain area and it will reduce back pain naturally because more oxygen flows to that area, optimizing healing. This is because heat will speed up blood flow. Heat also leads to muscles relaxing in most cases. 

Cold can be just as beneficial as it counters inflammation. 

To enjoy these benefits you simply have to make yourself a hot or cold bath, or you can use ice packs & warm compresses. To benefit from all possible advantages, start off with low temperature treatments to curb inflammation. You can then switch to heat treatments to help your body recover.

 active living for a pain free life

Start Moving

You may think many of these treatments require you to keep still and simply apply the remedies. Not so. 

The RIGHT kind of movement is as vital to relieve lower back pain as rest is. 

Once again, the way the different parts of your body work together plays a role. The cause of your lower back pain could be a lack of strong core muscles. If you don’t exercise other areas of the body your lower back takes too much strain; And that’s when you experience excruciating pain.

Muscles you must exercise so they can start taking pressure off your back on include:

  • Core stomach muscles such as your abdominals
  • Back extensor muscles
  • Hip muscles
  • Pelvic muscles

These muscles support your back and align your spine, so when they’re weak it has a huge effect on posture and back pain. 

Yes, back braces for lower back pain women and men use can work. These accessories will take some strain off your lower back. But what you really want is to solve the problem forever, right? Exercising all your muscles so they become strong enough is therefore vital. 

Simple exercises work, so you can do this at home without even going to the gym:

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Riding your bicycle
  • Aerobic exercises which you can learn via YouTube


Tips in an Emergency

Reading through these tips you may see that some remedies to fix back pain require some time, diligence and effort. But remember: It’s about long term effects so it’s going to be worth it. 

But what if you really need to concentrate on work or your family and that pain sets in? We compiled a quick reference guide you can use when you’re desperate for instant relief.

How Can I Relieve Back Pain Naturally?

Your answer could be as simple as stretching out the muscles that are so painful. Simple stretch exercises could give you instant relief without the need of medication.  

Now you have as solution but also a clear head—no mind numbing drugs—so you can focus on the rest of your day.


What is the Fastest Home Remedy for Back Pain?


It’s almost guaranteed to give you the relief you need and luckily it’s simple to apply as well. If you don’t have time to get into a bath use an ice pack or heated bean bag while you’re sitting at your desk working or playing with the kids. 

Use this in conjunction with our stretching tip for even better results.


What is a Good Natural Pain Killer?

If you realize your body needs some help, head to the kitchen and prepare a meal with Curcumin as ingredient or take a supplement. For some this has proven to be even more powerful than ibuprofen and usually it doesn’t have side effects. 

The only challenge is that it’s not easily absorbed by the body. It’s fat soluble though, so adding oil to your diet usually solves this problem.



There’s no reason to feel at a loss anymore. You can counter that back pain that has been bothering you and best of all: These steps can turn into habits that will ensure a better lifestyle overall.

Take a deep breath, improve how you look after yourself at home and start the change.