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8 Ways to Relieve Back Pain Naturally

It’s one of the most dreaded conditions: Living with back pain. No matter the severity of your condition, it often affects many aspects of your life. And when a physician mentions back operations it’s enough to put fear in your heart, right? Although health care improves all the time there’s never a guarantee that you’ll be 100% better after the procedure.

Will these challenges pass you by? Unfortunately the numbers are against you. Studies show 80% of the population experiences some sort of back pain problem during their lives.

So, can you prepare for what’s to come? Apart from realizing the importance of the health of your spine and back muscles (yes you need to look after them more effectively) there is good news for anyone facing this. Natural methods of relieving pain do work and can help you heal.

Best of all: Some of these tips we list below are low cost options you can do at home.

Prevention is Better than Cure

No, this isn’t a silly cliché. When it comes to your body the best you can do is be prepared for all eventualities. That also means you should aim to prevent problems before they appear or get worse.

Some of the remedies and methods listed below are handy to use when pain overwhelms you. However something like a lumbar support brace should be in your cupboard long before then; Especially if you’re involved with hard core work such as construction or you love extreme sports.

Eventually the pressure you place on your spine will have an effect, but you can limit the impact and prevent early onslaught of lower or upper back pain by using modern devices such as braces.

What is the Goal?

Serious Cases

You can imagine that if an advanced medical procedure doesn’t guarantee you freedom from pain, you can’t expect that DIY back pain relief tips will magically transform your body. However, you can enjoy these outcomes:

  • Minimize your need for professional help or procedures
  • Less dependency on medicine
  • Coping better while you wait for a procedure to be scheduled and performed
  • Fighting inflammation to speed up recovery
  • Preventing injuring your back again after treatment
  • Pain relief, even if the problem still exists

It’s Not That Serious: How Can I Relieve Back Pain at Home?

In less serious cases, these methods can help you deal with the pain while your body heals itself. Protecting the muscles and spine while also speeding up healing with natural remedies for back pain and inflammation can get you back to your old self faster. 

Thinking Ahead

And remember to use these wise pain relief products if you know you’re a prime candidate for back conditions. Unfortunately the cause of many back problems is non-specific. That means EVERYONE should invest time in learning about preventing herniated or degenerative discs.

Now, are you ready to look after your body better?

How Do You Get Rid of Back Pain Naturally?

We’ll discuss a range of back pain relief tips, so there’s bound to be something that fits your lifestyle. No one should feel helpless when looking for treatment for lower back pain any longer.

A Good Reason to Get a Massage

For some it’s a luxury but if you’re looking for a natural way to relieve back pain, a massage session becomes a necessity. Of course you need to go to a therapist who understands the implications of your conditions and how to reduce back pain naturally through manipulating muscles. To be safe, asking a physiotherapist is a wise option.

Alternative treatments that have served well even as chronic back pain treatment include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Tai chi
  • Chiropractic care

Of course, these are services you’ll need to pay for and not all of them will be covered by your medical insurance. 

himalayan bath salts to relieve back pain
Water Can Help in More Ways Than One

A very effective method to cure back pain fast at home won’t cost you anything else but utility fees. Soaking in a hot bath for a long period can be so effective that even tight muscles relax eventually.

Other uses for water that bring lower back pain relief include Balneotherapy. This involves adding minerals to water and soaking your body in the tub. Popular minerals to use include:

  • Dead Sea crystals
  • Bath salts containing sulphur

It’s important to consult with your doctor before attempting these methods, as it can affect your heart. The intense heat can also result in difficulty sleeping so don’t do this right before bed time.

What is the Best Treatment for Lower Back Pain? Have You Considered Your Bed?

This chronic back pain treatment could even uncover the source of your problem. Many people don’t realize the impact of their sleeping habits on their general health.

In terms of how you can cure back pain fast at home, consider these aspects:

  • Does your mattress provide you with the necessary support in all the right places? You’re bound to feel discomfort if your joints aren’t kept in their natural positions all through the night. If your bed is too soft your hips may be too low when you lie on your back.
  • Does your current sleeping position help or hinder your back problem? Sleeping on your stomach places pressure on the spine because your neck is in an unnatural position. Try falling asleep in a different position. When lying on your back or your side using a pillow under your knees could help align the spine.

If you’re unsure about your sleeping habits, asking your partner to make note of them is a good idea.

Warm Up or Cool Down

A natural home remedy for pain relief can be as simple as using extreme temperatures:

  • Heat: Because high temperatures enhance blood flow, heat packs are quick lower back pain relief tools. They can combat stiffness in the morning and even prevent spasms.
  • Cold: Cold packs can help fight inflammation. They also slow down nerve impulses. If you’re prone to spasms and cramping this could be your answer.

 yoga for back pain

Get Exercise—In A Very Particular Way

Trying to overcome back pain or (even living with a back brace for women or men) is no reason not to exercise. Staying active in the right way is part of how you:

  • Keep your muscles strong and limber to prevent injury
  • Strengthen your muscles to regain mobility
  • Help your body heal

Simply taking a walk can help, but avoid strenuous activities. 

Here are a few options to consider. They’re safe, although wearing a back brace for men or women while you do them is a smart decision if you’re currently experiencing pain.

Strengthen Your Core

The goal here is to limit the strain on your lower back. If your core muscles (your abdominals) are very weak your lower back is compensating for their lack of strength. Now your lower back has to keep you upright and help you perform tasks.

Of course any exercise should be done with care and wearing a lumbar support brace during training could help. With proper input from a physician and trainer to ensure you don’t hurt your body instead of helping it, this is often a successful chronic back pain treatment.

Stretch Hamstrings

A simple reason for back pain is tight ham strings. Unfortunately it’s often overlooked and left undiagnosed. Stretching them is good for your body in general, but you should check with your physician before you start especially if you experience acute pain. 


During a yoga session you reach multiple goals your physician would advise you to purse:

  • Relieving stress and tension in your body.
  • Releasing endorphins to enhance a feeling of general wellbeing (your psychological state is as important as your physical condition to recover optimally).
  • Stretching muscles gently without further damaging them.
  • Deep breathing enhances oxygen flow which means more healing can take place throughout your body. 


Even your posture can lead to back pain as years of sitting incorrectly or walking in a hunched manner can strain your back and put pressure on certain nerves. These days you can find innovative gadgets and wearables to help you improve posture. The focus will be to get the right curvature in the back area.

omega fats for back pain relief

Natural Products: What is the Home Remedy for Back Pain?

This is what many people hope is true: There’s a magical herb that will instantly cure the back problem. While this isn’t exactly possible there are many home remedies for back pain relief that can make a huge difference in speeding up recovery and helping you cope better with the pain.

And yes, some of these are very easy to make or come by:

  • Omega fats and fatty acids: Give your body every possible chance to recover by helping it fight inflammation. Omega fats, which you can find in fish oil, can act as an anti-inflammatory. You’ll find beneficial fatty acids in Evening Primrose oil.
  • Vitamins: To prevent and treat back problems you need your bone structure healthy. Vitamin D and K2 need to be increased. A Vitamin B12 deficiency, although often associated with other health problems such as depression, can also be the reason you’re experiencing pain all of a sudden.
  • Ginger: It’s easy to work this into your diet and it will help you deal with inflammation.
  • CMO: Lubricate your joints to relieve pain by adding CMO (Cetyl myristoleate) to your diet. It’s easy to come by in fish oil and even dairy butter. Another form you can use it in is adding it to a back pain relief cream.
  • Cayenne: This is another substance you can incorporate into topical creams. Its interesting work method is depleting your body’s substance P supply, needed to send pain signals.


Important: Do not view natural remedies as the ONLY solutions you consider. You should also try these methods after consulting with your doctor. If the natural products don’t solve your back problems you need to consider professional help or procedures as well.

Use Your Back Brace Correctly

The market for back braces for lower back pain women and men can consider has developed considerably over the past few years; And thankfully so. Only if a backbrace has the necessary features will it really be a chronic back pain treatment option.

Smart designing, dynamic materials and comfortable fits allow you to wear them when you know your body will experience strain; And you’ll get the necessary support to prevent extreme injuries. This also helps if you’re recovering from an injury and you need to take pressure off certain muscles.

But note that the one risk with wearing a back brace for men or women is that your core muscles will become weak. Wearing it for extensive periods means you don’t allow your muscles any exercise or strengthening. Therefore, before putting on any back braces for lower back pain, men and women should consult with a medical professional:

  • What type do you need to ensure the right muscles get the support they need?
  • How long should you wear it?
  • How can you adjust it to get optimal results?

When you use this as one of the natural pain relief products you prevent unnecessary strain so your current condition won’t get any worse.


An instant solution? Perhaps not; But there’s a lot you can do if a back pain problem is affecting your daily routine. As long as you use these in conjunction with your doctor’s advice they’re bound to make life a little easier.

And remember: Preventing problems from ever happening by taking care of your body from today onwards is an even better option.

Do you have a suggestion of how to relieve back pain naturally? Please share your experiences in the comments below.