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10 Tips to Instantly Relieve Back Pain

back pain stretches for pain relief

It’s quick fix your friends talk about which you desperately hope is NOT an urban legend. Back pain treatment that will instantly relieve that gnawing pain you’ve had for months.

So, can it be done?

Let’s state two important facts:

  • True: It’s possible to fix back pain and enjoy some immediate bliss when you use the right natural pain relief products. You’ll even find a natural way to relieve back pain, so you can attend to this at home, instead of spending hours or days in a medical facility.
  • Also true: Each person responds differently to back pain relief exercises, treatment for lower back pain and home remedies for back pain relief. Your solution isn’t guaranteed because what works for our neighbour may aggravate your situation.

How do I Get Rid of Back Pain Naturally?

However, don’t let that last remark get you down. Thanks to age old remedies, modern technology and gear such as back braces for lower back pain men & women can use, you have a range of tactics to try.

Your unique body is bound to respond to one of these instant back pain relief tips, giving you the outcome you thought was only a dream.

So what do you need to do? Get as much information as possible, and monitor your body closely. Then you’ll find the best solution for YOUR scenario.

Read through these, discuss them with your physician beforehand and reduce back pain naturally, so you don’t have to live the nightmare any longer, or spend so much on healthcare costs.

How Can I Relieve Back Pain at Home?

With back pain being such a huge problem, it may be surprising to realize you don’t have to visit your physician multiple times to experience a relief from pain. You can cure back pain fast at home, if you succeed in doing one of the following tips set out below.

Of course this depends on how extreme your condition is and what exactly the challenge is. But the reason the market for back pain relief cream as well as back braces for lower back pain women & men can use are booming is just this: There are alternatives to surgery and immense healthcare expenses.

Try these 10 tips and see if your life is changed easier than you think.

10 Best Tips to Fix Back Pain Naturally

Your 10 Best Tips to Fix Back Pain

Perhaps Rest is All You Need

Just because your friend functions at a certain level in the gym, doesn’t mean you’re supposed to. Do you really have a back problem or did you simply hurt it temporarily when you did too strenuous an exercise last month?

Remember, a back injury may not present itself immediately. A long day in your office chair may create tension that magnifies the problem, leading to that searing pain. 

For these situations you may simply need to ease off on the exercises and give your body time to heal. The human body is often capable of more than you think, but if you keep on hurting the same muscle you’ll break down all the work done during a peaceful night.

This is a tricky situation, because your back is used for almost every activity during an average day.

To speed up this process you can:

  • Lie down on your back, on a firm, flat surface such as the floor
  • The idea is to take pressure off your back, so breathe deeply, releasing tension from various muscles
  • Place pillows under your knees
  • Add a rolled towel under your neck
  • Remain like this at night or for periods during the day

This is an optimal position as it aligns your spine in its natural position. Do this daily and you may feel the pain ease up without requiring instant back pain relief medicine.

Important note: Sleeping in the wrong position can quickly worsen your condition. In those cases your much needed rest won’t help you recover. Try not to sleep on your stomach and use pillows at night to help align your spine

AidBrace Reusable Cold and Hot Therapy Packs for Instant Back Pain Relief

Is Heat or Ice Better for a Thrown Out Back?

The good news: You can take your pick.

All extreme temperatures will benefit your back:

  • Heat: This is how you help your body recuperate as it can make blood flow faster. That means more oxygen reaches the damaged muscles, resulting in faster healing. It will also help your muscles relax which in itself will counter some of the pain, even if your body is still healing itself.
  • Cold: An ice pack is the solution for dealing with inflammation.

In both these circumstances it’s important to prevent burning your skin, so wrap the source of heat or cold (e.g. an ice pack) in a towel rather than placing it directly on your back.

For effective results you can start with cold treatments to stop inflammation. Then switch to heat packs after a few days so you can boost the healing process.

You can purchase AidBrace's Reusable Hot & Cold Therapy packs here for your back pain relief.

Cold and Hot Therapy to Naturally Relieve Back Pain

What Stretches Can I Do to Relieve Back Pain?

These body parts, if not stretched often, can lead to tightness in your lower body, resulting in pain:

  • Hamstrings
  • Hip flexors
  • Quadriceps

This is an easy back pain instant relief exercise to incorporate into your lifestyle, so no one has an excuse not to try this tactic. There are ways to do it safely without affecting your back, and you’ll find videos about them online.

Important tip: Minimize the possibility of suffering from back pain by stretching these areas even though you don’t have back problems yet. A healthy lifestyle and smart habits can prevent many future health problems.

Walking is Good for Lower Back Pain Relief

Is Walking Good for Lower Back Pain?

Above we mention the importance of rest, but complete rest should only continue for around two days. Staying in bed or almost immobile for longer can do more damage than good. Your muscles may become stiff, or the absence of exercise could cause complications.

As soon as you can, start with a gentle walking routine (other activities are also acceptable and discussed below), that won’t put adverse strain on your lower back.

Wearing a back brace for men or women during this time can provide the necessary support your sore muscles need, so they’re not overtaxed again.


Certain Alternative Physical Remedies are Safe

Please note our statement: CERTAIN alternative remedies will work, but not all. Ones to consider:

  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Pilates

 Some of these activities will help strengthen other muscles, such as your core. This will alleviate pressure placed on your back muscles. But be warned: If not done correctly these movements can harm rather than help. Therefore, seek out reputable experts who will guide you through each step.

And no: Following along while watching a video on YouTube is NOT the best solution. It’s simply too easy to strain your back, even if you wear a back brace for women or men, designed for the task.

Massage for Back Pain Relieve

Therapy Options


It sounds like luxury living, but it’s worth every cent you’re going to spend: Get regular massages.

The money you spend is a long term investment because this treatment can help you get back the mobility you lost. This method helps because:

  • Blood flow increases so more oxygen gets transported to the area
  • The heat that generates during the process helps the healing process
  • A massage helps you get rid of pain causing tension

Just note that this is not a remedy in its own, especially if you have a serious back condition. It’s supposed to be used in conjunction with other techniques, as it’s helpful, but rarely solves a problem completely.

Once again: Make sure you use a professional who is trained to massage individuals with back pain. Any pressure can cause more problems if not applied correctly.


For this it’s even more important to look for licensed pros. As many back pain problems are the results of your spine not being aligned, manipulating it into the correct position is an obvious instant treatment for lower back pain. But your spine is a fragile part of your body, so don’t allow just anyone to work on yours. 


With the help of fine needles your muscles can finally get the release of tension you crave. Always book at a certified professional, or you put yourself at risk, as well as wasting our money.

Yoga for Natural Back and Muscle Pain Relief

Work the Rest of Your Body

Throughout this article we mentioned how one area of your body (such as a weak core) can impact your back, leading to intense pain. For this reason it’s important to keep your entire body supple, fit and strong. Working with an exercise professional, compile your routine and then continue at home. 

The effects will be gradual, but it’s something you can start even today.

Healthy Eating for Back Pain Relief

Watch What You Eat

This may take a little time, but it’s a change you can make immediately: Adjusting your diet.

Before you start groaning at the idea of only eating salad, think about how these results can rid you of the problem you’re facing now:

  • The right diet will contain enough vitamins to ensure a healthy immune system. You need this if you want your body to recover after an injury.
  • Omega 3 ingredients such as seafood help fight inflammation, one of the sources of your pain.
  • When you eat correctly you’ll lose a few pounds, placing less pressure on your back.

Healthy eating is a remedy for many of life’s health problems—who knew it can be for back issues too?


TENS to the Rescue

Luckily modern technology also offers up a few solutions. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) does exactly what your body needs:

  • The electrical impulses force muscles to contract for seconds at a time. This can strengthen them so they take over the work of your lower back.
  • Your lower back muscles can relax thanks to this stimulation.
  • Certain impulses can counter pain as they affect nerves.
  • The process can enhance the healing process.

It’s an all in one treatment for lower back pain, but note that it may take a while before you experience the full effect. Everything described above takes time. 

The best benefit of this approach is that it’s a highly advanced treatment option which you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home, instead of paying for doctor visits. Hire or purchase a TENS machine and apply treatment while you watch TV.

Use the RIGHT Medication

The important thing here is that you don’t reach for the nearest pain medication, just to get relief. This can numb the pain, leading to you hurting that muscle again without knowing it. In the long run you may become addicted.

Discuss this with your physician so you use the lightest possible option that will still give you the relief you need:

  • Over the counter medicine
  • A prescription drug for serious cases
  • Anti depressants, as these have helped some patients to experience relief; possibly it affects pain receptors in the brain

If medication can help you manage pain so you can partake in some of the pain relief methods mentioned above, it’s a wise treatment for lower back pain.


What is one value you’ll learn along the way?


One, some or all these natural remedies for back psain and inflammation can work for you. But you’ll have to work through them all, giving each one a substantial chance to affect change over the course of a few days.

Do the work and like many others you can enjoy more quality of life again based on a natural way to relieve back pain.

Which one worked best for your specific condition? Or do you have your own natural home remedy for pain relief? Why not share with us in the comments below so others can enjoy the same results?